Friday, January 15, 2010


I already can tell I love eight. Yesterday this eight year old boy came home from school, gave me a hug, (thank god he still does this) asked if he could take his bike out for a ride, found his helmet, realized it needed some adjusting, and then found the tool to do it. Adjusted it, then went out for a ride on his own. Came back in, washed his hands, made himself a snack, got himself something to drink with no spillage, and with only one prompt went outside and cleaned up the dog poop, fed the dog and changed the water. Then asked if he could shoot some hoops for a few more minutes before starting his homework. Came back in, washed his hands *again* and happily finished his homework on his own. Found his basketball practice clothes, changed into them, and with only two requests, put his dirty clothes in the basket. Ate dinner, filled up his canteen with water, because now of course, he's learned about protecting the earth, so only wants to use a canteen. Asks to go outside and practice some more before heading to basketball. Comes home, gives himself a bath, finds and puts on his pajamas and meets me in the family room to practice his science presentation for the next day. Prepares his index cards and does a couple run thrus perfectly, makes himself another snack and then goes off to bed with no complaints. Not every day will be like this, but if even half of them are, then I really love eight. :-)

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  1. I just wanted to be first to leave a comment. :) glad to hear every day things get a little easier.