Friday, January 15, 2010

If they'd only go to sleep

I would actually have maybe three hours to myself tonight.  Carver is at his first birthday party sleepover so I am down to only two children, which makes things feel so quick and easy.  He was so cute, btw, packing up his stuff... his DS, his camera and his Mp3 player.  Hope he gets a little sleep as he has a basketball game at 1PM tomorrow.

I've got another thirty minutes of chatter before I have that glorious sense of freedom that comes with the sound of my children sleeping.  Have a bottle of red wine and some Chinese food for Elvi and I, and a good movie to watch.  Happy tonight as my best friend flies down from Portland tomorrow for a three-day visit to continue the Carver birthday festivities.

Elvi is having a good day, after a really hard one yesterday.  Her oldest son's restaurant had its big opening night last night and of course she missed it.  Her whole family turned out to celebrate.   Elvi has been involved with so much of it, can't believe she can't snap her fingers and just be able to be there.  But at least tonight there are many happy phone calls and FB pictures to look at, all pointing to a very successful night.

Jamie went on his very first 'field trip' today.   His morning class went on a bus to the Long Beach Aquarium, with Elvi tagging along...  (the distraction was good for her, I think.)   Below is actually her very first time taking pictures.  She used Carver's little inexpensive camera he got for Christmas... guess he'd been playing around with it and turned on the date stamp thingie.

Jamie loved the sharks and the sting rays and smelled like a little fish factory when he got home.  He became enamored with the little sister of one of his classmates and followed her around all morning, ignoring his more steady girlfriend.  Poor thing, look at the look on her face as he leans in for the picture.

This is his usual love...


John's class gets to go next week...

Ok, they're asleep!  Twenty minutes earlier than expected.  8:06 and an evening to myself... 

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  1. Adorable pictures - looks like he enjoyed his first field trip! :-) Hope you had a wonderful weekend with your best friend. (And welcome to the blogosphere!)